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The proceedings of the symposium held at Philipps-Universitat Marburg in June 2011 have now been published.  The contents include:

  • Foreword
  • Abdelhamid, Selma: Phoenician Shipwrecks of the 8th to the 6th century B.C. – Overview and Interim Conclusions
  • Blot, Maria Luísa Pinheiro: Ancient environmental contexts and Phoenician maritime shelters in the southeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula: Portugal
  • Friedman, Zaraza: The Phoenician Hippos Figurehead. Preserved Tradition and Types of Ship
  • Galasso, Mario: Testa scolpita in trachite da Porto Conte – Santa Imbenia, Alghero (SS) Giardina, Baldassare Fari fenici et punici: fonti ed evidenze archeologiche
  • Haggi, Arad: Phoenician Deepwater Harbours: Atlit as a Case Study
  • Hermanns, Marcus Heinrich: Frühe Erztransporte zwischen der Iberischen Halbinsel und Ibiza
  • Pappa, Eleftheria: Who’s the Phoenician on the Atlantic? Disentangling Seafaring from Colonization in Portugal and Morocco
  • Semaan, Lucy: New Insights into the Iron Age Timber Trade in Lebanon
  • Tilley, Alec: Phoenician Triremes and other craft

To order, please contact the Archaologisches Seminar at Philipps-Universitat Marburg


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The Pedersen Family Grant for Student Research

The Red Sea Institute for Anthropological Research is pleased to announce a granting opportunity for students studying aspects of the human interaction with the Red Sea.

This privately-funded grant, administered by the institute, is open to all students studying at the master’s degree level in anthropology, archaeology, and ethnography. The grant is intended to aid students in their thesis research for travel and accommodations or other expenses related to their field, library, or museum research. The grant is not intended to cover costs for students to participate in other’s research projects.

All applications must be made via regular post or express mail and be post-marked no later than 15 December 2015. No electronic submissions will be considered.

The total grant amount will be US$500.00 (five hundred dollars).

For full details please visit http://www.redseainstitute.org/grants.html

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The Red Sea Institute for Anthropological Research

red sea INSTITUTE logo 48 font left bevel text SMALL

After a couple of years of discussion with friends and colleagues, I created The Red Sea Institute for Anthropological Research in 2014 in Lansing, Michigan, USA as a private non-profit charitable organization under the 501 (c) (3) registration with the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Our purpose is to promote the scientific inquiry of the Red Sea and surrounding areas– focusing on the subjects of anthropology, archaeology, ethnography, and history–to further our knowledge of the zone and its peoples, to bring into better understanding the intercourse between Africa and Southwestern Asia from the earliest times into the present, and to provide opportunities for research.

Our goal is to increase mankind’s knowledge of Red Sea maritime activities of the past and present.

Our intent is to create a better understanding of the dynamics of intercultural maritime connections and exchange, the involved ship-building and engineering technologies, maritime exploitation strategies of coastal peoples and their environmental adaptability to arid coastal zones, as well as maritime migration from the prehistoric period into the modern era.

I use the term “anthropological” as in the US archaeology is considered part of anthropology, and also I am interested in other aspects of human culture in addition to those of the past. As such, the institute embraces cultural and ethnographic studies, and even history as it pertains to our understanding of the Red Sea region.

A journal for these studies is planned, as is a grant for student research.

Please visit our website at http://www.redseainstitute.org

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