Principal Investigator,  Nautical Archaeology Survey in Saudi Arabia.

Principal Investigator, Ain el Mreisseh Underwater Excavation, Beirut, Lebanon. With co-investigator Dr. Lucy Semaan.

Principal Investigator, River Lahn Archaeological Project, Marburg, Germany.

Harbor Survey Specialist, German-Turkish Regional Survey at Bybassos, Hisarönü, Turkey. Surveyed submerged Hellenistic and Byzantine Harbors, as well as advised on location of silted up harbors at the Hellenistic settlement, and location of walls and architectural features.

Director, Underwater Survey at Tell Fadous-Kfarabida, Lebanon. Underwater surveys at the early Bronze Age tell.

Director, Underwater Survey at the Middle Bronze Age Tell el Burak, Lebanon.

Associate Director, The Kadakkarapally Boat/The Thaikkal Find, Kerala, India.  Excavation of a 1000-year-old ship.

Principal Investigator,   Black Assarca Island Shipwreck Excavation, Eritrea.  Institute of Nautical Archaeology.  Excavation of a fifth/sixth century A.C. cargo ship.

Principal Investigator,  Underwater Archaeological Survey in Eritrea.  Institute of Nautical Archaeology.  Survey of the shipwreck site at Black Assarca Island.

Principal Investigator, Underwater Archaeological Survey, Bahrain.  Institute of Nautical Archaeology.   Survey of various locations around the islands of Bahrain.


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